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THIS is Legit Motherhood Podcast Episode

Hi! It's been a minute!

If quarantine has been anything for you like it has for me, you're probably feeling all over the place and ready for some routine!

I've been in full-time mom mode lately, with all three of my kids needing some special attention. Who am I kidding, I've needed some, too!

I'm excited to get back to creating more content for you because the reason I started this blog is to empower parents during medical experiences, and we have sooo much more to cover!

In May I was a guest on the THIS is Legit Motherhood Podcast and I spoke about Empowering Parents to Help Their Kids Cope With Medical Experiences.

If you want to listen to the episode click here.

Here's a little sneak peek:

Haili's podcast is a great one for moms, so be sure to check out the other episodes as well!



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