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Child Life Saver Amazon Page!

Do you love Amazon?

Amazon is my best friend when it comes to easily buying books and toys to help educate my kids before their upcoming medical procedures!

Not all books about medical experiences are great for kids to read.

Some can be too scary, include the wrong word choice, and/or give too little or too much information.

This is why I wanted to have a place where I could recommend books that are actually beneficial in preparing your kids for procedures.

The last thing we would want is a preparation item to create more fear in your child!

I also buy my kids toys to help distract them during medical procedures.

I love buying toys on Amazon, too!

One of my goals as a child life specialist is to promote development in children.

We know that children learn through play, so I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite toys that can help facilitate play in your home!

I wanted a way to share my favorite things with you and now I have a page that makes it so you can easily shop the things I love!

Feel free to reach out with questions about any of the toys or books on that page; I would love to help you!

Happy shopping!




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