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Coronavirus Quarantine Daily Schedule for Kids

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of time we have to keep kids busy with the Coronavirus quarantine?

I am!

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a loss of control!

I’m not a homebody.

Not being able to leave causes me stress!

I know I need to alleviate that ASAP if I want this to be a successful quarantine for my family.

I decided a daily schedule would help with that.

Kids thrive on routine and structure, and you know what, adults do too!

I’m a firm believer that if everyone knows what to expect, things will run more smoothly and there will be less irritability among everyone! I created this daily schedule and I hope that sharing it with you will help you, too!

I broke this down into mainly 30 minute blocks because I have toddlers and their attention spans are short! We’ve got to keep things moving over here!

You can see that this schedule doesn’t allow for any time outside of the house (thinking in terms of worst case scenario and being unable to take even walks like Italy).

For this reason, I’ve added some indoor gross motor movement sections.

Dance parties, obstacle courses, animal walks, stair climbing, exercising... get creative!

Until then, use this time outside! There’s also time set aside for house cleaning and preparing meals.

I feel it’s important for kids to learn how to work at a young age.

Don’t forget to include them in your chores! Screen time is not included in this schedule.

I know it will creep its way in somehow so I didn’t want to allow time for it.

There’s going to be movie nights planned, dinner taking longer than expected, and the occasional sanity break.

If you use screens as a tool, they’ll be just that!

Otherwise they will lose their power and your kids will be at your feet when you're needing a break. Being enclosed not only brings the need for movement, but also for social interaction.

I included time to connect.

FaceTime, write letters, or call friends and extended family.

Kids could play a game over FaceTime! So much time off means more time for phones!

Be sure to watch your screen time and use your time to connect with your kids!

Hopefully this schedule will help with managing our own screen time, which is a challenge we all face daily! Good luck to all of you! We can do this!!



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