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St. Patrick's Day Play Ideas

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

St. Patrick's Day was not a holiday we celebrated in my house growing up, so I don't have any traditions that I wanted to carry on to my kids!

I have found lots of fun play ideas on Pinterest, though, and since we are quarantined for the Coronavirus outbreak, I think I'm going to give it a go at most of these!

I've rounded up some of the simplest (because I give up if anything is too intricate!) St. Patrick's Day play ideas for you! Simply click on each picture or title to be taken to the website source to print and/or get instructions, etc.

We'll be starting our morning off right with some green pancakes like these I found from Get Your Holiday On! I just hope mine will look somewhat like these! Hopefully I can have it in me to whip up some whipped cream before the kids wake up, too!

Whyyyyy did everyone have to buy all the Lucky Charms from the stores! I only have a few left!

Fruit never looked so cute! This one from Neighbor Julia.

This rainbow with a pot of gold craft from 1, 2, 3 Homeschool 4 Me seems cinchy enough!

I KNOW this walking rainbow will be a hit! I've been wanting to try one of these with my kids, and St. Patrick's Day seems like the best time to do it! From

This fingerprint rainbow craft seems easy enough and so darling! I love that it will be a sensory experience! My oldest loves to get her hands messy!

Unfortunately, this blog source is no longer online! But I love the idea of going on a treasure hunt, and I also love the idea that it involves absolutely no set-up from me! Ha! Enjoy the easiest treasure hunt ever! My kids will love it.

Ok ok, I guess we'll sneak in some learning, too! Here's a little math activity for preschoolers from Eat Sleep and Play. If you don't have gold coins you could use Rolos, actual coins, Lucky Charms, or candy!

I'm excited about these Do A Dots because ours were just delivered from Amazon today! I can't believe I've gone this long without buying some!

Another color scavenger hunt you'll love from The Littles & Me.

We're loving color-by-numbers at my house lately! Knock out getting to know numbers and colors at the same time = double whammy! Thanks to for this Free St. Patrick's Day activity!

My preschooler was the most animated when I picked her up from school last week. She couldn't stop telling me the story about when they spotted the Leprechaun's coat! She would looove these Leprechaun Lookers from Love Your Littles!

Fun trivia about Leprechauns from The Chirping Moms.

A St. Patrick's Day I Spy to give you a 15 minute break :) Thanks again to Tot Schooling!

Give me all the rainbows for St. Patrick's Day! Another Do A Dot sheet!

We haven't done any shamrock's yet, what a shame! This one is so cute from A Dab of Glue Will Do!

No source for this one, but some cutting and gluing action for your preschooler? Yes please! Let's get those little hands strong and those fine motor skills going!

A Leprechaun Tale fill in the blank is bound to give you lots of laughs! I love a Mad Lib! This one thanks to Deeder Do.

Fruit Loop Marshmallow rainbows from Jonesing 2 Create. Another great fine motor St. Patrick's Day activity.

Another St. Patrick's Day math activity and also involves some gluing! This one from Lessons 4 Little Ones.

Is it possible to look at these and NOT want to make them? I don't think so! Cutest St. Patrick's Day Rice Krispy treats thanks to Moms & Munchkins.

Are you learning how to write names at your house? I love how this can be done by tracing letters if needed. My kids are going to love seeing their names in a rainbow.

Last but not least! I just bought mini cake pans with several layers just like this! I can't resist making this St. Patrick's Day rainbow cake from Kids Party Works... I love a rainbow cake!

I hope this helps you keep your kids engaged in fun play all day!

I'm interested to see how many of these we get through tomorrow!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Stay safe!

Stay home!

We can do this!



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